3DFURY Reviews & Spotlight

3DFURY Reviews

Firstly I’d like to thank you. After four weeks of being pushed between customer services of two different companies who didn’t have a straight answer (or a clue), I finally gave up and contacted the HDFury team who responded to my email in record time. I have literally been able to set up my 3D setup within half-an-hour on my Qumi. So quick! The team answered all my queries and I am being 100% honest when I say that not only do they really know their product inside-out, they also know exactly what settings are needed to get this amazing product working on any device! As I mentioned above, after FOUR WEEKS of being messed around, the HDFury team got me into the 3d world of movies with minimal effort. If you are having problems getting 3D setup then this is a one piece kit that takes up hardly any space compared to anything else on the market. It’s so small compared to the previous product I’d had issues with and when I got it in the post I was a really surprised it had that power. I am honestly a convert to the HDFury products. They have the results to show and the options available mean they will be going five years after the other mainstream brand products are shelved. – Calvin

Hi, I purchased the HD Fury 4 from you on Aug 12th, 2012. It’s a PHENOMENAL product. I am extremely happy with it ! – Ian

My Hd fury work Brilliantly! my setup is running on a projector and i must say in full 3d on a 120″ screen looks amazing with full 7.2 audio i cant wait to get some more glasses and invite the inlaws over – Datamaster

Thanks you ! I’ve buy HDFury4 3D, and I’ve install with a videoprojector Acer DLP Full HD. The quality is very very excellent ! Thanks for the conceptor of it !!! Thanks HD Fury – Mag251069

Bought the 3D Fury, Emitter and Glasses and have used them connected to a Humax Freesat HD Satellite receiver and a PS3. Performance has been much, much better than I’d expected and as good as any 3D ready tv I have seen to date. Performance on the Humax has been very stable and image clarity is top notch, although flicker on bright scenes in 3D is evident not overwhelmingly so but is there and some people’s tolerance level may not be comfortable viewing it over a number of hours, it can be reduced by lowering contrast level I found on my set the “Game” pre-set works best. Haven’t experienced any crosstalk or ghosting and I have to say some of the 3D Olympics coverage on the BBC has been a real eye opener to me as I haven’t had too much experience of 3D broadcasts prior to purchasing the Fury. Performance on the PS3 is excellent much less flicker (Hugo 3d dvd watched) and the clarity of image is I would imagine as good as it gets, connecting to PS3 was straightforward too although important to note to make sure you set the PS3 video output to “Automatic” I hadn’t done this initially and it caused problems, displayed unwatchable picture, as soon as I changed the setting no problem the picture displayed perfectly.
– Peneau1

I have excellent 3D!! I’m running at 1080p/60 with amazing depth and resolution. By tweaking the glasses duty cycle and delay via the emitter I was able to get a very detailed ghost/cross talk free image. Last night we watched Hugo-a fantastic movie BTW-with the family last night and everyone was blown away! Big thanks to everyone here for such a ground breaking product and excellent support. 3Dfury-highly recommended!! – Translux

“Hello, I just received the HDFury4, picked it out of the box and was very excited to see it work. I was very amazed about the -spoken freely- damnedshitfuckingawesome picturequality. You guys have done great work and a hardly can’t wait for my 3D-glasses to arrive. THANK YOU VERY MUCH for the holy grail of HDMIing :) Please don’t stop engineering that groundbreaking stuff! Best regards and greetings from germany! Ciao” – Torsten.

“I received the 3Dfury last Friday and was completely amazed by the image quality. I thought that my CRT projector Vision 1 + some modifications were extremely sharp connected from my DVDO processor to my Moome Full HD V3 input card but I was wrong. I couldn’t believe my eyes- I’ve been missing so much detail without the 3D Fury! On top of that, the 72Hz feature is outstanding and the motion is truly remarkable. To all CRT owners, this is a must have gadget!” – Haireez.

“The unit works and does so extremely well – there is no comparison to the VHD that it replaced.” – Alex.

“Ok Guys, i have probably watched a good 6 hours of HD Channels, this 3Dfury product is FANTASTIC !! It will make me stupidly smile for a week and likely beyond, the picture quality is absolutely perfect! – CLaudio.

“Actually i was “shocked” when the picture was first displayed with a substantial increase in image quality compared to my HDFury3, i didn’t really expect to see a difference in the picture quality, i was wrong, i cannot believe that old sets like mine are still getting better over the years through the new fury coming out, it have superb color and more likely the sharpest image i ever saw, simply out-standing. - Komeus T.

Your HDfury4 device is a godsend! I first though i would have to do many operations in order to get it working for my setup, but this thing just blown my eyes within a minute, mouth open and WOW ! the picture quality is insane !! - Max D.

I am running the HDfury4 on a 60hz Pioneer Kuro plasma with the monstervision glasses and emitter with terrific results. I have zero crosstalk and ghosting and the flicker is minimal it only shows up in bright scenes but most of the time I forget about it.
I had to hook the emitter up to my computer and do the calibration with the firmware utility rather then the joystick to get precise calibration. It took me some trial and error but I am 100% satisfied and blown away with the results. I love my 3dfury! Highly recommend to anyone considering.
– Zeedub.