No 3D? No Problem!
Play 3D movies, games, satellite/cable, and internet videos on any HDTV/Projector/Dual Projector or Monitor!

3Dfury allows you to view 3D content from your PS3, Blu-ray player, satellite/cable or internet on all standard 50/60Hz or 100/120Hz HD displays with either Digital or Analog inputs or both at the same time !

If your HDTV or projector can play regular non-3D games and Blu-ray movies then the 3Dfury will work for you! It turns your existing HDTV or projector into a 3D home theater!

If your HDTV or projector cannot play HDMI content because it lacks of a HDMI input, 3Dfury can still turn it into a 3D home theater, thanx to embedded HDMI converter based on HDfury technology.

Upgrade to 3D and HDMI at a fraction of the cost of buying a new display!

The 3Dfury supports every 3D signal type in existence today including frame-packing, side-by-side, top-bottom. It is firmware updatable so that new features can be added in the future as needed!

Start watching Blu-ray movies like Tron: Legacy 3D and Despicable Me 3D as well as sports and movies on ESPN 3D and SKY 3D and see what you’ve been missing!

In addition to supporting all standard 50/60Hz displays in either analog or digital (HDMI, DVI-D, RGBHV, component), the 3Dfury also supports any 100/120hz 3D Ready DLP-Link projector by brands like Optoma, Benq, Viewsonic, etc.