• Why do i need HD (720p) or Full HD (1080p)?

Blu-Ray players, HDMI graphic cards, PS3, Xbox 360 Elite are all able to unleash their true potential (720p/1080p mode) only through the HDMI output. If you want a valid ticket to the Full HD world you either need a compatible display (with HDMI input) or an HDfury2 for your existing display. 1080p FULLHD as found on Blu-ray and HD has over 6 times the resolution as standard DVD and TV. For the best movie and and home theater experience, you *need* Blu-ray/HD.

  • Why do i need a HDCP compliant display?

HDMI is a new standard that comes with a form of hardware protection called HDCP. If your display doesn’t have a HDMI input you won’t be able to display 720p/1080p signal on it (from HDMI sources). Prior to exchanging Video data, the HDMI source exchanges HDCP keys with HDMI display. Both devices have a special HDCP chip embedded. If your display doesn’t include an HDCP chip, even if it’s technically able to display 720p or 1080p signal, it will display a BLACK SCREEN. On some devices (ex: Playstation3, Xbox360) 1080p mode is only available through the HDMI output!

  • Does the HDfury2 change the resolution? Upconvert or downcovert?

The HDfury2 does not change the resolution or refresh rate in any way. It converts the digital input signal to an analog RGBHV (VGA) or Component (YPbPr) signal and extracts the audio as well. It also provides HDCP decryption if needed. The HDfury2 outputs whatever resolution you feed it.

  • What resolutions does the HDfury2 support?

The HDfury2 supports any resolution/refresh rate combination (interlaced or progressive) up to 1080p/60Hz. The only limitation is that your display must support the resolution/refresh rate as well.

  • I use component cables to connect my Blu-Ray or DVD player to my display device and it works just fine! Why do I need HDfury2?

Blu-Ray and many DVD players can also upconvert standard definition DVDs to higher resolutions (720p, 1080i, 1080p), but they only do this via the HDMI outputs (not component). So if you want to get the higher resolution benefits of your player’s upconversion circuitry, you’re forced to use HDMI. As well, in the future it may not be possible to pass certain high definition content over component video cables. A content flag called the ICT (Image Constraint Token) allows broadcasters and movie studios to limit or “down-res” the HD video signal to standard definition 480P resolution over component video cables. This is not something that has been activated yet, but it could be used at some point in the future. And the most important reason to use HDfury2: The picture quality is substantially better! (Sharper/cleaner/less noise/less ringing/etc). Talk to someone who uses one or read the reviews!

  • My display has composite (ie: combined) sync with only 4 BNC inputs not 5. (Examples: Barco 7xx/Cine7 or Ampro). What cable do I order? How do I hook it up?

Order the GREEN (5-BNC breakout cable) and combine the H/V sync lines using a $2 BNC T-connector . You could also use an Extron 109 or 202 box as well to combine the two sync lines.

  • My Barco requires negative sync to work. Does the HDfury2 output negative sync?

The HDfury2 does not alter the signal that it is fed in any way. If it is fed a negative sync signal, it will output a negative sync signal. If it is fed a positive sync signal, it will output a positive sync signal. You can use boxes from Extron or Altinex to invert the sync if required. To alter the sync to make it work with your projector, you can add an RTC2200 box to your HDfury2 setup.

  • I have a scaler or doubler with DVI or HDMI inputs and an RGBHV output connected to my display device. I don’t need an HDfury2 right?

Incorrect. You still need the HDfury2 if you want to use HDMI sources such as Blu-Ray or DVD players that may have HDCP-protected content. The scaler, by law, is not allowed to output content via RGB if the source content is HDCP protected. The scaler will simply TURN OFF its analog RGB output. Only the digital DVI/HDMI outputs will remain on. To solve this, connect the HDfury2 to the DVI or HDMI output of your scaler, and then connect the HDfury2 to your display device. Simple!

  • I have a scaler or doubler with DVI or HDMI inputs and a DVI/HDMI output connected to my display device’s DVI or HDMI input. I don’t need an HDfury2 right?

Maybe. You still need the HDfury2 if you want to use HDMI sources such as Blu-Ray or DVD players that may have HDCP-protected content *and* your display device does not have an HDMI input. The scaler, by law, must pass the HDCP-protected content all the way to your display device. The display device must decrypt the content. If your display device only has a DVI input, it will not decode HDCP. To solve this, connect the HDfury2 to the DVI or HDMI output of your scaler, and then connect the HDfury2 to your display device. Simple!

  • I want to connect a longer cable to the output of the HDfury2. Can I do that?

Yes. The HDfury2 supports analog output cables up to 25-35 feet in length.

  • Does the HDfury2 support 1080p/24fps found in next generation Blu-Ray and HD DVD players?

Yes! As long as you stay under the 1080p/60 bandwidth requirement, the HDfury2 doesn’t care what the resolution or refresh rate is. Note that most displays that do not have HDMI inputs do not work at 24 Hz however. Make sure to set your source devices to 50 or 60 Hz output and not 24 frames (Hz) or “Automatic”.

  • Will the HDfury2 shift the image to the left or cropped (cut off) in any way like some other converters?

No. Unlike some of the other converters, the HDfury2 includes advanced features to ensure that at all display resolutions, the image stays perfectly centered (in component mode) and not cropped in any way for any display device. In RGB mode the image is passed directly through so make sure your display has image shifting controls if RGB is to be used.

  • My display only has component (YPbPr) inputs. Does the HDfury2 support component output?

Yes! Unlike the original HDfury, HDfury2 has a user selectable Component (YPbPr) or VGA (RGBHV) output to ensure that it will work with any display device.

  • My projector or display device has a 3-prong power cable with a ground pin. I’ve bypassed the the ground pin. Is this a problem?

YES! Not only is this very dangerous to you (the homeowner) you may damage your HDfury2 and/or your display. Your HDfury2 warranty is null and void if you bypass the grounding of your display device. Please do not do this! Bypassing ground pins because of ground loop problems, hum problems, or other reasons is very dangerous and only masks the problem. You need to fix the source of the problem. The ground pin is there for your safety and for the safety of your equipment.

  • I need an HDMI cable. Can you recommend one?

Blue Jeans Cable make good quality thicker HDMI cables with good shielding (for less loss over long runs).

  • I can only get lower resolutions to work. When I set my source to high resolutions like 1080p I don’t get an image!

(1) Your source device likely doesn’t provide enough power to the HDfury2. Make sure to use the included HDfury2 power supply and ensure that your display supports 1080p FULLHD if you want to use 1080p.
(2) Many TVs do not support 1080p and must be fed a 1080i signal instead. Make sure to set your source to 1080i unless your display’s manual specifically states that it supports 1080p.

  • The picture is blank! I don’t get an image at all from my PS3, Blu-ray player, or other source!

(1) Make sure your display supports the resolution the source is feeding it. If your TV does not support 1080p, set your sources to 1080i. Some sources will automatically use the highest resolution available to them based on what they see connected, and since they see the HDfury2 which supports 1080p FULL HD, the source will ‘think’ you have a 1080p capable TV and is most likely feeding the HDfury2 a 1080p signal. You need to lower this to 1080i in the source device.
(2) Make sure that the 24fps output option in the source device is set to OFF or DISABLED and not AUTOMATIC unless your TV specifically supports 24fps. Most do not, especially older TVs that do not have HDMI inputs.
(3) Make sure you’re using the HDfury2 power supply.

  • I’m still getting a black screen from my PS3 when using the HDfury2. How can I fix this?

The problem is that you likely connected the HDfury2 to the HDMI port while the PS3 was still setup to output by another port (component or composite). The result is no picture over HDMI. The PS3 will output low resolution on every output when you reset the display settings this way: PS3 in stand by mode, hold on power for 5 sec until you heard 3 beeps.
The PS3 restarts and you can than access low resolution through both HDMI and/or other ports and perform the display test to choose your preferred resolution.

  • On my PS3 I can see the menu, play games and blu-ray discs, but I get a blank screen or an out of range error message when I play a DVD

You need to change a setting in your PS3: In addition to setting up the HDMI resolution on the PS3 as outlined above, you also have to go under the Blu-Ray playback settings and adjust the DVD upscale feature because by default it will also be 1080p. Another hint: When you first connect an HDfury device to the PS3 (such as the original HDfury, HDfury Gamer Edition, or the HDFury2) the PS3 will ask: “A new HDMI device has been detected, do you want to use it?” Answer ‘YES’ ONLY if your TV is 1080p capable. Otherwise answer ‘NO’, and you will be presented with another screen where you will be able to change the resolution settings and set them manually to whatever your TV supports.

  • My Sony G90 CRT projector looks funny when I use the HDfury2

Go into the G90 service menu “Input Setting” with the fury installed and set the “Clamp” to HP or H/C from auto. This should straighten out the picture if it is varying in brightness and getting weird bands of dark as scenes change.

  • My picture ‘blanks out’ from time to time when using the HDfury2. Why is this happening?

Some of the very early HDfury2 units had a defect and these units were replaced. To determine if the issue is with the HDfury2 or elsewhere, use the following logic:
- If the HDfury2 blue LED is OFF during the picture blanking, the problem is with the HDfury2. HKmod will replace it for you.
- If the HDfury2 blue LED is ON during the picture blanking, the problem is with the the component (YUV) cable, RGB cable or the display.

  • My picture is all green! What’s going on?

You likely have a display that only accepts RGB and you have the switch on the side of the HDfury2 set to component output (YUV). Switch it to RGB.

  • What sort of power supply does the HDfury2 use? When is it needed?

While the HDfury2 can draw power from the HDMI line, our experience has been that most devices simply do not supply enough power so an external power supply is needed. This is why all of the HDfury2 kits come with a power supply by default. A power supply for the HDfury2 may be ordered on the HDfury order page (the power supplies are the same). If you want to source your own, the power supply must adhere to these requirements:
- Provide REGULATED (+/- 5%) 5VDC power with 0.5A min DC current
- Deliver the power through a small 0.65mm diameter center pin / 2.6mm outer diameter DC plug (like the one often used in cellular phone AC adaptor)
- Provide the correct polarity with ‘plus’ on the OUTER part of the plug and ‘minus’ (ground) on the small center pin of the DC jack.
Trying to use an AC/DC adaptor that doesn’t adhere to these three requirements may destroy the HDFury2.

  • I couldn’t get the original HDfury1 to work with my Dell 2405FPW display because the Dell doesn’t like HD resolutions. Will the HDfury2 work?

Yes. The HDfury2 supports the Dell 2405FPW display up to 1080i as long as you use the component input.

  • My display is RGB only (no component input) and I don’t have any image adjustments to compensate for image shifting. What can I do?

Do have an RGB only display and are experiencing image shifting and can’t compensate with your display adjustment? Your solution is to set the HDfury2 to component output and plug it into a Box1040 or leave the HDFury2 in RGB mode and use the Box1020. Both will provide image alignment along with other features such as a cable driver, gamma boost, and switching.

  • My picture is blank when I play back Blu-ray discs but not when I play DVDs. What’s going on??

Blu-ray discs are natively 1080p/24Hz. You likely have your Blu-ray player set to 24Hz or “Automatic” frame rate output so that it is outputting a 24 Hz (fps) signal. Most displays that do not have HDMI inputs do not work at 24 Hz so you need to turn this off. Either set your Blu-ray player to 50 or 60Hz or set ‘Automatic Frame Rate’ to off. See your Blu-ray manual.