HDFURY 3 Getting Started

HDFURY 3 Getting Started

No HDMI? No problem! The HDfury3 upgrades any TV or projector by adding HDMI! Works with any display that accepts either Component (YPbPr/YCbCr) or RGB/VGA! Don’t be stuck watching Blu-ray, DVD, Satellite/Cable at only 480p! Add an HDfury3 and watch hi-def at up to FULL HD 1080p resolution!

Why do I need HDfury3?

How old is your HDTV or projector? If it was bought before 2005 it does not have an HDMI input. This means that you’ll never be able to use the full potential of your expensive projector, plasma display, or PC screen with new sources like the PS3, Xbox360, Blu-ray players, Cable TV / Satellite boxes, or PC graphics cards at up to 1080p FULLHD resolution.

Without an HDMI input your display will be limited to 480p in most cases – that’s only 1/6th the resolution of 1080p FULLHD! You need HDfury3 to unlock the full potential of your display! Why buy an expensive new HDTV when your existing one works perfectly well? Enhance your display’s compatibly and value with HDfury3!

Designed by a group of home theater videophiles, the HDfury3 delivers a razor sharp picture with unprecedented colour from HDMI sources, supporting all resolutions up to 1080p FULL HD. The picture quality improvement when using HDfury3 is immediately obvious, providing an amazingly clear and detailed picture!

Can’t I use the component output on my Blu-ray player and other devices?

  • Blu-ray, HD DVD, and DVD players (as well as the Xbox360 and PS3) will not upscale standard DVDs to 1080p over analog outputs. They are limited to 480p output only. The HDfury3 overcomes this limitation.

  • If the Image Constraint Token (copy protection) is enabled on Blu-ray or HD DVD discs reduces resolution from 1080p to 540p (1/5th the resolution) over analog outputs. The HDfury3 overcomes this limitation.

  • And most importantly: The image quality is significantly worse over analog outputs. The HDfury3 overcomes this limitation.

HDfury3 is what you need to to add digital HDMI 1.3 to your TV to bring it into the next generation and provide the best image quality possible!

Will HDfury3 work for me?

1. Does your display support at least one of the following resolutions: 480i, 480p, 576i, 576p, 720p, 1080i, or 1080p?
2. Does it have a Component or RGB (PC/VGA) input connector? (some examples shown below)


Component Input
(a component cable is included in all our kits)

RGB VGA style Input
(Choose the BLUE cable)

RGB 5-BNC input
(Choose the GREEN cable)

If you answer YES to both questions then HDfury3 will work for you!

What’s Included? / Which cables should I order?

Absolutely everything you need is included. You won’t need to find any of the expensive extras to get up and running. Our kits include:

  • HDfury3 Component Cable: For displays with component (Y/Pb/Pr) inputs. Included with every order.
  • HDfury3 RGB Cable: For displays with an RGB (VGA) inputs. Basic Kit gives you a choice of one of three RGB cables:

    BLUE (VGA to VGA male): For displays with a standard female D-sub VGA style RGB connector. This is the most popular RGB input connector.
    (VGA to 5-BNC male): For displays with 5-BNC input RGB connectors. Used mostly by professional displays.
    (VGA to Barco Port 3): For Barco CRT projectors only. More information
    The Advanced Kit includes all three.

    If your display only has component inputs you will not use the RGB Cable so it doesn’t matter which you order. If your display has 5 RCA style connectors order the GREEN cable and use five BNC to RCA adapters (sold separately).

  • An HDfury3 power supply is required and included with all our kits. The Advanced Kit also includes a power supply for GammaX.

    US (120V/60Hz)

    EURO (230V/50Hz)

    UK (240V/50Hz)

  • 6′ USB power cable: Part of the HDfury3 power supply.
  • (ADVANCED KIT ONLY) GammaX converter: On most TVs and projectors, movies and games are too dark or missing detail in dark scenes. Gamma-X to fixes this by adding a ‘Gamma Boost’ without washing out the picture. Use the Gamma-X with the HDfury3, HDfury2, HDfury1, HDfury Gamer Edition, or any device with RGB output and enjoy a more vibrant picture with perfect shadow details! More information
  • (ADVANCED KIT ONLY) 6′ HDMI cable: For connecting your source device to the HDfury3.
  • (ADVANCED KIT ONLY) 6′ Optical audio cable: A mini-Toslink to regular Toslink/SPDIF (fiber optic) cable for connecting the HDfury3 sound output to your receiver/pre-amp.


1) Is HDfury3 RGBHV output compatible with my Display ? (How to make sure that your display is compatible)

If you are not sure whether or not HDfury3 is compatible with your PC Monitor, CRT Projector, or Plasma/LCD HDTVs we recommend you to perform the following test:

720p TEST
- Setup a PC computer graphic card to 1280×720 resolution (50 or 60hz depending on your location eg: US : 60hz, Europe: 50hz) through its VGA output in order to see if it displays correctly on your screen throught the VGA input (SUB-D HD15/5xBNC/DB9)
If you can see the output it means that you will be able to display 720p from any HDMI or DVI(HDCP) source on your screen using the HDfury3 RGBHV output.

1080p TEST
- Setup a PC computer graphic card to 1920×1080 resolution through its VGA output in order to see if it displayed correctly on your screen through its VGA input (SUB-D HD15/5xBNC/DB9)
If you can see the output it means that you will be able to display 1080p from any HDMI or DVI(HDCP) source on your screen using the HDfury3 RGBHV output.

It has been reported that even though some PC monitors allow higher resolutions to be displayed such as 1920×1200 it does not automatically mean that the display supports a 1920×1080 resolution.
As an example both Dell 2405FPW and Sony P234B are listed as 1920×1200 native resolution. Unfortunately the Dell one does not support a 1920×1080 resolution correctly while the Sony one will display it perfectly.
So once again, performing the above test will allow to find out if HDMI 720p or 1080p could be displayed on your screen with HDfury3 RGBHV output.
We believe that the EDID of any 1920×1200 monitor could be updated in order to support 1920×1080 resolution. More on that later.

Plasma and LCD HDTVs are oftenly listed as “Supporting 720p/1080i” or “720p/1080i compatible”.
This does not mean that these displays are TECHNICALLY ABLE to handle 1280×720 or 1920×1080 resolution !
In fact most of them are 1024×768 max resolution
Basically those displays will receive a higher resolution signal through their components or VGA input and DOWNSCALE it to 1024×768 (the best supported resolution)
The well designed (often more expensive) displays will DOWNSCALE 1280×720 or 1920×1080 through both VGA and/or component input. (Ex: Panasonic TH-42PH9WK)
However it has been reported that some do not DOWNSCALE signals sent through the VGA input but only through component !
Therefore it is best to use the above test to make sure that the HDfury3 RGBHV output will work with your display device !

2) Is HDfury compatible with my Source ?

HDfury is FULLY compatible with all recent HDMI (and/or DVI-D hdcp) source devices such as the PS3, X360 Elite, HD-DVD players, Blu-Ray players, HDMI graphics card and the latest set-top-boxes (STB) and DVD players with HDMI outputs. We recommend that a power supply be used for all sources.

3) Digital and Analog Link between HDMI Source >> HDFury3 >> Display

Straight HDMI cable: If you are experiencing problems getting a HDMI signal displayed correctly from a Toshiba HD-DVD player and you call Toshiba, the first thing they will tell you is to “Please remove any HDMI to DVI adapters in your signal path!”
You should ALWAYS use the supplied breakout (extender) cable that shipped with your HDfury3: No warranty on the quality can be given when using another breakout cable, especially cables that are longer.

4) My display technically supports 1280×720 (and/or 1920×1080) through its VGA or component input (RGBHV either 5xBNC/Sub-D HD15/DB9) and I’m using a recent HDMI source. Unfortunately I have no picture on the screen.

Once you hooked up HDfury3 to your display and ran a HDMI cable to your source the first thing you need to check is the Blue led status: Is the Blue LED ON ?

The led indicates that HDfury is receiving enough power from the DVI/HDMI source and ensures that device is now operating and outputting a signal. (by default HDfury3 is set to component output)
If LED is OFF, the HDfury is not working, and therefore no signal is going out to your display.
Reasons could be one of the following:

- Your HDMI source is not set to output through HDMI > (ex: on PS3 you must activate HDMI from the display settings)
- Your HDfury3 needs to be setup for your source/display, refer to usermanual for step by step instructions: WWW.HDFURY.EU

5) Some notes on when you first connect the HDfury3 !

When you connect the HDfury3 in RGBHV output mode for the first time you may see the screen shifted to the left > This is normal.
Simply adjust your display’s settings to shift the image back. This needs to only be done once.
On some European CRT displays you will not be able to shift back far enough because of the US/Euro HD ‘porch’ differences.
If this affects you, switch your source to 60Hz to solve the problem. You can setup a new memory and it won’t disturb any of your original settings.
As the HDfury comes unique screen adjustement method via push buttons, you can always have the H position to adjust. Refer to the usermanual for instructions:WWW.HDFURY.EU
For example, you can connect HDfury3 to your PC VGA screen, and you will see that the first time the picture is shifted to the left.
You can then adjust this setting on your PC display, and it will be perfect. If you connect your computer back to the PC VGA screen, the image will centered as before!
Your screen / display has memory functions to store your settings depending on the source. There is no other settings to adjust.

Enjoy ! Good times ^_^