HDFURY 3 Reviews & Spotlights

Great Product! Got mine in two days, installed as is, and it worked. My video/audio rack is on the second floor of my house. No way hdmi cables would reach my plasma tv or projector located on the first floor. Component video cables were run when the house was built. Fury 3 is the perfect solution. Blue-ray to fury3 to receiver and now I get 1080 on my tv. Not into games or recording but this is a great bus driver. Thanks for a great product.” – Kirk L.

“Gents – I wanted to send a quick message to thank you for an outstanding piece of technology. For years I have been screwed over by the “industry” because I owned an older Pioneer Elite screen that doesn’t support HDMI… you know the drill. I recently needed to upgrade the Bluray player – and the oppo 103 doesn’t support component video out (you know the story here as well). Long story short – the HDFury3 may be the best piece of technology in the rack. I was able to wire up two devices and a third via hdmi input on the bluray… and the results are stunning. My GF (who unknowingly authorized the upgrade… lol) could immediately tell the difference in viewing quality and frequently requests “demos” for her friends. I have never felt that newer displays (the Kuro aside) were significantly better and worth the upgrade… now – they would be considered a downgrade for sure. Its added new life to my monitor and the savings will keep my ISF tech happy for years to come. Thanks again for keeping up the fight! In case someone infers… I do buy all my BDs, I have spent well over $20,000 in home theater equipment, I easily spend $1000/year on HD programming and I have no need to steal anything. If they HDFury didn’t exist – I would not buy more stuff.. I would find another hobby – guaranteed. Thanks again!” – Dan

“Just finished installing and I’m quite impressed. I have an older Dwin CRT projector that must be forced negative sync. I was having to use a BUF2000 for that purpose and now I am able eliminate that device due to the HDFury3′s set up options. I am outputting RGB and my picture was shifted slightly right but with two or three pushes of the shift button it shifted right into place. I’m using this with the DVDO Edge and the combination is truly stunning. I’m outputting at 720p. What is truly remarkable are the blacks. I’ve always thought my blacks were pretty darn good and that my greyscale was set up right but I cannot believe how much better they look now. The unit itself is nice looking, although I think the HDfury2 was nicer but it’s buried in a cabinet anyway, and it is much larger that the original versions. With the trade in deal I know I made the right decision to upgrade and I’m extremely happy with my new toy.” – Tim

“Mine was delivered this morning pretty much as advertised. I was essentially looking for a “seamless” transition in performance from my HDfury2 and that is what I got. So far, so good. The inclusion of the little screwdriver to adjust any of the “tiny” dip switches was a nice “touch”. “ – Ron W

“I just wanted to let you know that I received the HDfury today, hooked it up and . . . OMG! My daughter and I played Bioshock and then watched MIB on Blu-ray, and all I can say is . . . Squee!! Thanks again!” – Deborah

“The HDfury3 landed on Saturday morning! Worked like a charm from the word go, no issues whatsoever. PS3 on one end and a 1080i Sony 53″ projection TV at the other. HDfury3 connected to PS3 with a HDMI 1.3 cable. Wonderful picture quality, a delight to watch. – Dep

“Received my HDFury 3 in the UK today. Using latest Amstrad (250GB) Sky HD box. Output set to 1080i. TV is Panasonic plasma TH-37PE50B using component input. HDFury 3 works straight out of the box. I set it up in about 5 minutes. You wouldn’t even know it was there if it was not for the nice blue LED! Brightness and colour exactly the same as “normal” TV no adjustments needed. No switching lag at all when changing Sky channels. Audio 3.5 mm to twin phono socket on TV from HDFury3 used. Works fine. I can now watch programmes in HD! Overall it performs just like I hoped that it would. Thanks guys you have saved me lots of money on a new TV. – Foghorn

“Between the HDfury3 and HDfury2, the HDfury3 is MUCH better in every category and as a result the HDfury3 has a better image.“ – Craig Rounds, official HDfury3 tester, professional calibrator (www.cir-engineering.com)

“It works fine and I am happy with the performance. This is the best HD-Fury so far…You were right… I would never hesitate to be the first one to buy any of your future products.” – Michel

“I just wanted to send you guys some praise for an amazing product! I ordered the HDFURY III package that included the Gamma-x. This pair of products has absolutely breathed new life into my Sharpvision XV-Z9000U. I had been running it with direct component analog cables, and was mildly satisfied with the picture. The HDFURY III dramatically increased the resolution being delivered to the projector, and the GAMMA-X fixed the problems with not being able to see dark sections of movies. I am extremely satisfied, and would easily recommend this product to anyone that wants to breath new life into an older projector that is missing the HDMI connection.” – Ross H.

“Hello, I purchased an hdfury gamer addition and it works great. I have tried 5 adapters/cables to try to hook up my ps3 to my projector through vga and none of them worked. I put all my hope into you amazing product and it works great. I also get dvd upscaling through the hdmi out :) . Also, your shipping was outstanding. I live in the USA and usually shipping from Asia takes 2 weeks minimum. Your shipping took 2 days and it was free!!!!! Places in the United States rarely ship that fast to other places in the United States after paying for shipping. I just wanted to thank you for saving my projector. Your product is revolutionary and I hope you keep up the good work. Truly Amazing! – Matthew K.