HDFURY Review & Spotlights

HDFURY Reviews & Spotlights

“I am so glad I did my homework and found this device through Curt Palme’s site. This saved me from upgrading to a HDMI projector. I can now take full advantage of the 1080P upscaling for standard DVD on my Samsung Bluray player and my HD movies look absolutely amazing. This is a must have option. I cannot believe how quickly it arrived from Holland to Courtice Ontario Canada . 4 Business days! It is simple to setup and works as advertised. I will have to tell everyone about this mini wonder of technology!” – Alan B.


“From what I’ve been watching and observing with an HDfury/BluRay player so far, the HDfury is a HUGE difference from the previous DVI units. From everything that I could throw through it using the BluRay DVD’s that I have, it’s flawless. Clean and very tight. Unlike the other DVI units, it’s not showing the common color space issues that I’ve seen on all of them. Nor does it have pedestal problems, which is also a common problem on these devices. The most impressive improvement over the other units, was the linear IRE range. I’m not seeing the usual crushing issue at one end or the other. It’s flawless. I’m not a fan of the DVI units: Until yesterday, I’ve not seen one worth connecting to my projector. Now I’m a complete convert… Kudos!” – CRT projector guru Mike Parker 


“I ordered one from Curt’s site, and got it today. I’ve got to hand it to ya John, this thing works BEAUTIFULLY!! I hooked up my PS3 to my 24″ CRT and it locked on to 1080p FLAWLESSLY! I’ve never seen such a beautiful image before! Thanks again for a quality product! “ – Traxx


“Well, mine has arrived also. It is a little thicker than it looks online. Packaging is very good looking. But, who cares about that? I just want it to work well. And that it does. Mated with the RTC2200 (which provides a gamma boost) in my set up it was exceptionally clean and sharp. It solves the very slight softening I had with the Ophit. Bottom line, it is excellent. It does what it should and does it exceptionally well. Both Corpse Bride and Riddick HD DVDs were so crisp on my system, no one would ever doubt CRT sharpness if you saw my setup! Thanks John, great work. Excellent product Franck and thanks for the incredible customer service. My opinion if anyone cares: 5 thumbs up! – Dave (Person99)


“It works as promised and hasn’t added anything to the picture that is not supposed to be there so far… it has improved the picture slightly than the previous DVIlink unit I had in the mix before.” – Big hitter


HDFury has me smiling from ear to ear!! I’m going to be stupidly happy all week and likely beyond. My video chain is PS3 to HDFury via HDMI/DVI and then into a Sony G70 with a short cable. When I plugged it in and turned it on the PS3 determined I had HDMI and setup 1080p automatically with a 3min setup I was completely impressed. I’ve heard about problems with HDMI but I guess I’ll never get to experience them because this setup is perfect right out of the gate. I can already say I’m 100% satisfied and my expectations were high to the point of silliness. I would recommend this product to anyone with CRT FP and/or anyone with a PS3. Trouble-Free HDMI to VGA: The HDFury works just as it should. I have no HDMI problems whatsoever. Even with my 26AWG, 25Foot, $20 HDMI/DVI cable (If I had to buy it again I would have opted for the $30 thicker cable just for peace of mind) I never see any of the problems I’ve read about others having with HDMI. I see no need to buy the power cable to provide additional current to the HDFury. Value: The cost is terrific for the quality of the product. And it’s universal nature is a great feature for a CRT front projector enthusiast because if you change or upgrade your projector you still have a HDCP solution ready to go. Image Quality: The image quality is great. I don’t have any other HDMI to VGA solutions to compare it too because this was the first one I felt I could afford and yet I think it’s going to rate well against the competition simply because the image quality it produces looks top notch to me.” – Brian Hampton


“Got my ‘Green Edition’ yesterday afternoon (Jul 13, 2007), direct-shipping from Taiwan. Curious as I am I had to try out how it’s working. And what can I say, that’s what I really call plug and play. Linked the thing with the 5-BNC-input of my DLP-projector, connected it with a HDMI-to-DVI-cable (5m long) to my upscaling DVD-Recorder and, voila, it worked great!
No hassle with H-sync or V-sync, no displaced picture, no problems at all! The picture quality is absolutely perfect, sharp, nothing to complain about! A really great product, THANK YOU guys!”
– ottokar1


“My second test with the HDfury with a Barco D-cinema DP100 went smooth. No glitch the HDfury just work. Source used was a PS3 with firmware version 1.75 so it’s 1080P60. A brandless 1.5m hdmi to dvi cable was used. The HDfury unit connected direct to the UXGA input of the ACSAR2 unit of the DP100. The projector immediately without fuss load the correct file and image comes up on the 13m wide screen.” – Ciputra


“I ordered the red version on Sunday evening and we received it Wednesday at around 2 PM. Fastest shipping I’ve ever seen from any vendor outside of Canada, let alone from Taiwan. Remarkable. I must say that the quality of the red cable-adapter itself is first rate. When I took it out of its compartment, I was very impressed with it. Since we received the Fury yesterday, we’ve probably watched a good 8 hours of various HD channels. Some of the “Rick Steves’ Europe” shows have absolutely stunning picture quality, and today we watched a show (whose name I cannot now remember) about jungle bugs. It also had superb color and image quality. These are the sharpest images ever projected from our NEC on our screen. Today we sat just under 80″ from a 92″ diagonal image and it still looked excellent – sharp and free of any artifacts. We took our first mini-vacation today! So far, the HDFury has been a great purchase for me and my wife. I hope it gives us years of service.” – Herve


“Got my HDfury a couple of week ago as I figured I should be trying one of these things out myself and see what all the fuss was about. I had heard that using the HDfury produced a better image quality than using component out on source devices such as HD-DVD and Blu-Ray players (not to mention that you can now upscale standard DVD’s too), but I really wasn’t ready for how much better the HDfury made my Blu-Ray movies look! I expected a subtle increase, but was shocked when I was presented with a substantial increase in image quality. I was pessimistic as Blu-Ray discs from my PS3 component output already looked fantastic on my setup so I really didn’t understand how things could look better. I was already using what’s considered the best component to RGB transcoder out there ( as follows: PS3 component out -> RTC2200 component to RGB transcoder -> 25′ RGBHV cable -> Barco Cine8 Onyx projector. Man, was I wrong! Going digital and bypassing what’s likely average quality DACs and op-amps in the PS3 made ALL the difference! The first things I noticed right away was the better dynamic range even just in the PS3 menus: The whites were just a lot tighter/purer/punchier/brighter, the contrast range is better, the colours richer, and the image is actually considerably (not just a little bit) sharper! The difference isn’t subtle: I switched back and forth between the two and it’s like a gray haze was removed when using the HDfury over the HDMI output vs. the component output. Over component the image lacked punch, wasn’t as sharp and was somewhat muted. Using the HDfury also resulted in better small object detail. The smallest details and variances in image detail are now perfectly resolved. I didn’t know what I was missing. I did try 1080p on my projector quite a bit and 1080p is 100% resolved now. No problems at all. 1080p looked fantastic. I had zero problems using the HDfury. Just plugged it in and that’s it. Didn’t even have to do any image shifting on the projector! I should have gotten Franck (of HKmod) to send me one of these sooner. Thanks Franck! Excellent work Jean! The engineering behind this thing is fantastic! Now I see what all the fuss is about!” – Kal (site webmaster)


“All I can say is….wow! To everything! I ordered the basic HDFury on 9/25 and it arrived here in beautiful New Hampshire on 9/28. SPEEDY! I seriously thought it wouldn’t be here until next Monday or Tuesday. Now, my system is not the best. I’m using an Epson Powerlite Home 20, which maxes out at 1080i. I’m running the HDFury through a Phillips 6 foot HDMI/DVI cable hooked to a $49 Phillips upscaling dvd player and the results are FANTASTIC!!! I hooked the HDFury up to the VGA input on the projector, instant steady bright blue light, selected 1080i on the player, and I couldn’t be happier! Screen door effect? Yeah, somewhat, but again, I’m projecting old school LCD projector at a bit over 110″. It’s still a noticeable improvement over what I was viewing at 525p. I thought that I might need the power boost from the 5v adapter, but the results I’m getting with just the ‘Fury are fine by me!!! Money, unfortunately, is a concern here, however with the HDFury, I’m looking at a crisp image on a budget projector and all is right in the world Great product! Thanks again!!!” – TJ101


“I got my HDFury yesterday and hooked it up…AND IT’S AMAZING! I’m so happy with this product I don’t even know what to say. The picture quality is SO much better than what I had before. I hope anybody that sees this that bought a Protron (37″ LCD) looks seriously at this product. It is the best I could ask for!” – Templar99


“I have successfully connected my PS3 Console to my old 32″ Plasma TV set through “HDFury”. In fact, the installation is very simple. Just plug and play and no configuration required. Also, the output picture quality is very satisfactory even though my Plasma TV only support 720p (1280 x 720) picture quality. I can now enjoy HD digital signals on my old analog-based Plasma TV set. Thank you so much for answering & providing me all previous technical questions. The ordering process and delivery service are very excellent and fast. Really a good service. Thanks.” - Eric


“Just wanted to make a quick post to let you know that everything is working great! I have a Mits 65″ Diamond, with the best connection being component. It is a 1080i set via the DTV connection which will handle 408i, 480p or 1080i. Within the component connection, you can use component or you can use RGBHV, not both. I hooked the HDMI cable to a new Samsung Duo HD-DVD & BluRay player. Plugged in the Fury to the DVI end and used the Green cable which outputs to BNC. I snapped on 5 rca phono to BNC adapters and plugged it into the RGBHV. Worked immediately and the video is outstanding on HD-DVD, BluRay and it is doing a nice job of upconverting SD dvds. No left shift or anything like that. Thanks for your help here and the Fury HD is a winner IMHO.” – Dave


“Got my HD Fury cable. Works great. Everything on the PS3 from the XMB interface to games looks much cleaner than when I was using the VD-Z3 VGA/component converter. My monitor didn’t officially support 1080p, so I had to downscale to 720p. Still, everything looks great, so I’ve got no complaints. Kudos go out to HD Fury for putting out this product. Best of luck.” – Omnimaxus


“I want to thank the people at HKmod. I ordered an HDfury Gamer cable so my grandson could play his PS3 on a 7 year old Mitsubishi RPTV. The short time from order to delivery shocked me. – Walt


“Another thanks to HKmod for the HD Fury, five days to the boonies is pretty good. Hook up is PS3 -> 10′ HDMI to DVI cable -> Fury red edition -> BG808 no adjustment needed (other than figuring out the PS3 setup). Very pleased with the picture. – Colin


“The HDfury made a night and day difference between my DirecTV HD DVR HR-20 and my Ampro 2300 G projector. I had had good pictures with an RCA DTC HD receiver directly from its RGB outputs, and then with the DirecTV Tivo brand HD DVR through a component to RGB converter. However, when I switched to the MPEG 4 DirecTV HR-20 DVR, the same setup yielded blown out bright areas and generally a truly bad picture. I thought my projector was at fault, and only tried the HDfury because I had read that sometimes the component outputs are not well engineered on recent equipment, as they merely support legacy users like me. At any rate, converting HDMI to RGB worked to solve my problem. I am not sure if the picture is better than with the two previous setups, but it is vastly better than starting with the component outs of the HR 20. Thanks” – Burt


“I ordered mine on a Friday, received it Monday or Tuesday. Excellent speed of delivery   – Disjunto


“Well I ordered and received my HDfury Gamer Edition about 2 weeks ago. i ordered it late Wednesday night and it arrived on Monday, not bad at all. I hooked it up to my Viewsonic A90 CRT monitor and my PS3 and it worked right off the bat, running at 480p default. I then went into my PS3 options and changed the resolution: I can now run at 1080i! before the HDfury, i was using the composite video cable connected to a tv… looked like garbage. But now, it looks AMAZING. I finally feel like i got my money’s worth for my PS3, thanks to the HDfury making it look like its supposed to. With such quick shipping, affordable price, and phenomenal picture, I will be recommending the HDfury to everyone i know who is looking for high definition picture without the massive price tag of a new TV. EXCELLENT product!” – S.B.